October 31, 2008

Not much time to work on the project this week, but I did get a crash course in photoshop levels and color balancing from Channing Johnson, our excellent wedding photographer.  I've been waiting to post my motel photos until I had a chance to do some adjustments for color and contrast, and maybe some cropping.  And it seems that I learned in grad school how to paste someone else's head on my face and how to create an amateurish photo montage of an imaginary streetscape, but I didn't actually learn how to make regular photos look better.  But thanks to Channing, I can know do some basic balancing for web images.  See below, an image of my video project at the MIT Wolk Gallery:

IMG_8525 800

That was after some retouching.  Below is the original:

IMG_8525 unretouched 800

Maybe it doesn't look better on your monitor, but it does on mine.

Thanks, Channing!  

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