Photos from the "History of Planning Ideas" exhibit at M.I.T.'s Wolk Gallery 

For this exhibit, I shot and edited 9 half-hour interviews with current and former faculty from MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning, in celebration of the department's 75th anniversary.  I then cut the videos down to between 3 and five minutes each, for viewing on this flatscreen at the exhibit.  The interviews themselves were conducted by other faculty members.

I used a Canon GL-1 camera (old but very reliable) and a Sennheiser ME-66 shotgun mic for sound.  I also recorded the interviewer separately with a digital audio recorder.  I edited the interviews with Final Cut Pro.  I would put them on this website, but they're the property of MIT and have probably been shelved somewhere in the department's offices, i.e. consigned to oblivion.  But contact me if you'd like to see them and I can send you a DVD. IMG_8524 800

Me at the exhibit - photo by Gordon Kindlmann.

IMG_8525 800

The exhibit display.  The small miniscreen on the right was a touchscreen connected to the monitor. I didn't mount or set up the exhibit, by the way - I wish I could say that I know how to do all that, but I don't.  I only shot and edited the videos that you could watch onscreen.  IMG_8551 800

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