Hello and thanks for visiting my site.  You can find information here about my work as a writer, researcher, and media producer based in Chicago, IL. 

You can also learn more about the "66 Motels" project, a series of interviews and photos I've collected that document independently owned, historic motels along Route 66.  Many of the motel owners along Route 66 are new Americans who were born in India, and this project also looks at the relationship between these owners and the larger Route 66 preservation community.  This project is currently sponsored by the Graham Foundation for the Fine Arts and the School of Architecture and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was featured online in the November 2008 issue of Oprah Magazine.  

In addition to working on 66 Motels, I also did research, writing, and media work for a number of clients, including M.I.T.'s Department of Urban Studies and Planning and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation.  And most recently, I worked as a Circuit Rider for Preservation Massachusetts and the National Trust for Historic Preservation in greater Boston and the North Shore of Massachusetts.  As a Circuit Rider, I met with individuals, organizations, and local governments who want to preserve, rehabilitate, and celebrate historic places across the Commonwealth.  I also helped Preservation Massachusetts and the National Trust stay connected to issues around the state, enabling both organizations to develop policy and advocacy strategies on both a statewide and a national level.  

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